Intensive - De Nacht van Lilith

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 This is my favorite intensive! Performance Project Liliths' night is a  devoted course of 5 months about personal growth, support and literally owning your stage. 

Every other week we meet to create from our authentic selves. What do you want to tell that you've always kept silent? This is your chance to create your own lead.

The personal trajectory of every participant is source of inspiration. You can dance, sing, act... whatever you want. The result is presented in an empowering eclectic performance with a supportive audience, but more importantly is the growth and overcoming personal struggles through the creative process. 

- performance night
- guest teacher

- workbook
- personal guidance after studio hours
- always tea and snack for the grab

For who: anyone who's open for personal growth and with a secretive talent that deserves a stage.



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